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Marriage Problems


A long time ago I thought Nathan and I had some pretty serious marital problems as he would not allow me to get a teacup pig. I wasn’t sure if it was a deal breaker, so I slept on it and decided that we probably wouldn’t get divorced over a pig.

Enter, the answer(s) to any marital problem.

  • Husband registers you both for a marathon for Christmas in a foreign country.
  • Husband registers for a 5K with you
  • Husband wants to run a half marathon in April/May
  • Husband cooks dinner
  • Husband is doing laundry

With that list growing, I’m going to have to step up my game to stay on the “wife I want to keep around” list. The tshirt I got him for Christmas is probably starting to lose its appeal.

Since the blog is called Run Your Ash Off, I should probably mention something about that. Tomorrow starts real-life “build a base” training (tomorrow because right now I’m drinking wine out of a mason jar). And I guess if I’m going to run a half in May, I should start getting serious. The last half marathon “training” I did consisted of a few 2 to 3 mile runs and a 5 mile long run. Olympian in training.



I’m alive


Thanks to everyone who’s emailed to check on my well-being (none of you did. assholes).

Anyway, since I’ve been blog-silent I’ve ran 2 half marathons and completed a Half Ironman. The end.

Jumping ahead 1+ years, my favorite husband registered us both for the Frankfurt Marathon in Germany on 10/27 as my Christmas present. It’s his first full and my second. It’s 4 days after our 3 year wedding anniversary, so what better way than to celebrate than by running 26.2 miles and/or a lot of kilometers. (kee-lo-meters? kill-ah-meters?). Hopefully we don’t kill each other in the process since we are both controlling and think we know much more than the other one.

It was a pretty amazing Christmas present. We woke up Christmas morning and he had me open my first present, a foam roller. Then came my second, the Marathon Stick. The 3rd box was his running shoes. He told me he’d run a marathon with me so immediately I was like “OMGLETSGETONMARATHONGUIDEANDFINDARACERIGHTNOW!” He then went to the garage to get a big trash bag for all of the wrapping paper that was about to take over the house and came back with 2 more boxes. At this time I was getting pretty pissed because all I got him was a travel coffee mug and a tshirt. My gift was looking crappier and crappier by the minute. So he hands me the first box and inside was 2 Dirk Nowitzki tshirts. In my head I was like, “Cool? I like the OKC Thunder. You know this right?” and then I opened the second box that contained our passports and flight itenerary to Germany. I still hadn’t put 2 and 2 together, so he had to tell me to look at the last piece of paper in the box, which was a screen shot of our Marathon Registration. Let me say it again, pretty amazing freaking Christmas present. Below is a re-enactment of my reaction:



But now it’s only 1/3/13 and I’m already tired of these conversations:

“Nathan, can you take out the trash?”

“I gave you a trip to Germany and registered us both for a marathon. You do it.”

Hopefully those stop soon or I’ll have to find a new husband.

I ran a half marathon in December here in Dallas that I didn’t train for. I was sore for 3 days and wanted to die. Luckily I didn’t and I rang in 2013 by making a stupid New Years Resolution to really train for this marathon. I mean, I’m traveling to Germany for the damn thing and you finish on a red freaking carpet. Yesterday was my first day back at the gym in a few months and I had to stalk the TM’s like it was going out of style. I circled around the people that had run 3+ miles like a vulture until they got creeped out and left. I ran my 2.25 miles (hooray?) and left to go home and eat a bowl of ice cream. I’m off to a good start.

I’m graceful


Last night I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill and got off and did some strength exercises. I don’t know what the machines are called, my legs are pretty much rock solid now.

Except I have a broken hip. Ok that’s a lie. but i did fall in the shower and my left hip went straight into the side if the bathtub. it was NOT my finest moment by far. Hopefully spin class tonight makes me feel better and less like a 95 year old woman with a broken hip and a bruise the size of an orange.

In all seriousness, I want to thank each and every person who has donated to my fundraising account! You have NO idea how much I appreciate it and I can’t wait to kick some butt at the Half Ironman! There’s absolutely no way I could do this without the support of my family and friends that’s donated, given words of encouragement, and worked out with me on days that I didn’t feel motivated! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

Don’t forget! With each $25 donation I receive I will put a quote/business slogan/name on my pants/top/suit the day of the triathlon!

Reality Check.


Have you ever put on a bathing suit and thought, “dang. I look goooood.”

Like all the other women at the pool are saying, “check out that Victoria’s Secret model over there in that hot one piece!”

And then you look at yourself in a picture later and think, “maybe I should have worn a cover up.”

Well, if you’re wondering if I chose to compete in a Half Ironman to be fashionable….

Obviously the answer is no.

Dead legs


Welp… Here’s a post I must have saved as draft instead of posting. Ooops.

I’m back by popular my moms demand!

This triathlon training business is tough stuff. Two nights ago I went to an Aquatics Boot Camp class that dang near killed me. It wasn’t the swimming that did me in, it was the “out of water” exercises that I hated so much it made me want to punch a baby.

I had to do pushups yall. I can barely manage a girl pushup, so doing a “real” push up after I’ve swam, did core work, and squats isn’t exactly ideal.

Correct form:

What I’m pretty sure I looked like:

That baby is probably even doing a better job than I did.

Anyway… It’s now 2 days after the swim class of death boot camp and my body is dead.


Find out how you can win money and fight cancer here. It’s legit and NOT spam… I promise on my dogs lives.

Win Stuff!!


This is the last week to donate and write off the charitable donation for 2011! For every $15 donation made to my Team in Training Fundraiser you are entered for a chance to win a Dallas Cowboys mini helmet signed by Miles Austin and Terence Newman! $15 = 1 entry, $30 = 2 entries, etc. The drawing will be held on January 2nd. Email me at after you’ve made your donation to be entered! The link to donate can be found here.

Please feel free to post the raffle on your blog as well! No donation amount is too small! If I can get 130 $15 donations, I’ve hit my goal!! Please help me in the find against blood cancers!


Coming up… Post later tonight about our Christmas and crazy families!! 🙂

Running is for the birds


Remember how I’m competing in a half ironman? As you know triathlons consist of 3 segments:

Swim like a frog like Michael Phelps like a frog.

Run like Phoebe like a bad a$$ like Phoebe.

Bike on a bike with training wheels like Lance Armstrong when he had 2 balls (yea I said it).

Anyway… So last weekend at training we had to run for 30 minutes and bike for an hour and a half. In that last hour and a half I rode the biek 18 miles. Um, do you know how long it takes me to run 18 miles? A long freaking time.

We also went to a White Elephant Christmas Party at BIL and SIL’s house last weekend. As our gift we took a box of Franzia and a set of 4 wine glasses. We left with pickled pigs feet and a $15 Top Golf gift card. Nathan was in heaven because he LOVES chowing down on pigs feet. Especially when they’re pickled. He puts a splash of Tabasco on the pig foot, and starts nawing (knawing?) on it like he’s a teething toddler.

That’s a lie. He hates all things pickled. He’s un-american and is lucky I married him. My love for the food group “items that are pickled” runs deep. real deep.

Have you gone to any fun (or terrible) Christmas parties?


On my way home from work today Nathan says:

Why don’t you stop at the liquor store to get champagne for Christmas Day Mimosa’s?

I see a new tradition in our future. Christmas + Drinking = Like every day except it’s Christmas.

That’s all I got. Merry Christmas!!