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No run tonight. I’m letting my shin splints sit for one more day. and magically they’ll be all healed tomorrow.
So I was just reading stalking Running off the Reese’s. She is on blogspot, so I clicked “next blog” at the top of the page to browse around and stalk other people. That was a mistake. Did you know that some blogs are meant for mature audiences only? I may be 26 but I’m for durn sure not mature.
On a completely unrelated note, let’s talk about running gear. Have we done this before? Probably, but who cares. If i keep repeating myself then people will think i’m crazy. if people think i’m crazy my blog will probably be more fun to read. if my blog is more fun to read then millions of people will follow me. if millions of people follow my blog then i will probably when the pulitzer prize. repeating yourself = pulitzer. seems reasonable.
Ok. Let’s do like the black eyed peas and get this party started.
Garmin 305
This watch is amazing. fantastic. it makes me wish it could be my baby daddy. if i had a baby. Anywho, when i run outside it’s strapped around my wrist like lindsey lohan’s SCRAM is to her ankle. It’s a little large, so that kind of sucks a lot, but you can get the Garmin 405 which is much smaller. I did not get the 405 because it’s almost as much as my mortgage. That’s not true. It’s more than my mortgage.
Sports Bras
I wear the cheap $13 academy brand sports bra. it’s cheap and it doesn’t chaffe. i wore one when i ran a full marathon in 2009 and was perfectly fine afterwards. Well, up top i was fine. the rest of my body hated me, but that’s not the sports bra’s fault. Now that’s not to say it won’t chaffe you. Everyone is different.
Shorts/Pants/Running skirt
I have these Under Armour Capri’s and love them so much it hurts. They are ultra comfortable and I don’t feel like they make my legs look like the tree trunks of an ancient oak. And I think they hide my cankles. Even if they are capris. makes perfect sense right? of course it does. I also like the Nike Dri-Fit running skirt. I can’t find the exact skirt online, but that is similar. I wore that in 09 during the full marathon and there was no chaffing. It’s super comfortable and has built in underoos. Shorts – I dont’ care. I’m a fan of the capris and skirt. But I don’t mind the reebok running shorts. I prefer Nike Tempo shorts, but Reebok is cheaper and frankly, I’m cheap.
I have the champion tank top with built in sports bra that is more amazing than life itself. I can’t find it online either. Typically if i’m running on a treadmill i just wear a normal cotton t-shirt, but i prefer the technical shirts. The only thing i hate about technical shirts is they feel staticy. and i can’t make that feeling go away. So don’t take my advice on tops. i’m all over the board and prefer the champion tank that apparently no longer exists. Kind of like Ace of Base’s music career. Whaaaat?
I carry the Nathan water bottle (which surprisingly enough is NOT named after my husband Nathan) that slips right over my hand. it’s easy to carry and doesn’t feel too heavy. It’s got a pocket on the side to hold your keys, gu’s, shot bloks, mase, crack, whatever so that’s super convenient. I also have the fuel belt with 4 water bottles. If i didn’t feel like a tourist at Disney i might wear the fuel belt more often. It’s also really heavy, so it’s annoying. I only wear it when I’m out running where all the other runners run (repeating myself = pulitzer) because they know what it is and don’t think i’m a fanny pack carrying, mini van drivin’ mom on my way to six flags with my 8 kids and their friends.
Any non-cotton sock is better than cotton. I like Brooks no-show. I have nothing clever to say about socks except that i probably rock yours off.
I’m a Saucony Triumph fan because of the arch support. I have arches like mcdonalds so i definitely need the extra help. Shoes are runner specific because again, everyone is different. Go to your local running store (here in DFW i recommend Run On! or Luke’s Locker) and they can help you find the pair that’s best for you.
That is all. You’re welcome.
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