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I have a monster face and fragile legs


No, not fragile like the Christmas Story Leg.

Pronounced “Frajeelay”


I ran/walked 6 miles with SIL on Saturday. My legs decided to go all flemsy on me because they think they need some strength training. Seriously with the needy-ness legs? Don’t you think running all the stupid time is enough? So I drugged myself and slept all day drug myself to Academy to by a 10 pound medicine ball to use while I’m doing lunges. I picked it up and thought, “holy shat 10 lbs seems really heavy all of a sudden.” I’m supposed to hold this high in the air while I do lunges? I don’t even do lunges WITHOUT a 1o lb medicine ball. I must have a subconscious death wish my conscious brain doesn’t know about. So since i’m lazy too embarrassed to lunges with a medicine ball in public and didn’t get up to go to the track this morning, i have to do it this afternoon. Guess what today’s high is? C’mon… Just take a guess. Did you guess 100*? If so, you’ve guessed too low. It’s supposed to be one hundred and freaking two degrees here today. Seriously… Why did i not get up at the butt crack of dawn this morning? and does Jesus hate Texas? is that why it’s hotter than witches you-know-what outside? Or is a witches you-know-what cold? Whatever. It’s hot. Too hot to do lunges outside. Geez it’s even too hot to run naked through a water sprinkler outside (in your backyard of course).

On another note, a while back Nathan woke me up before 10am on a Sunday so I got really angry and I wasn’t wearing any makeup.

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  1. 06/27/2011 6:17 pm

    I’m real, real sorry bout your face.

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