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I’m looking to be a whisperer


I ran another fake PR on the TM last night. This is really beginning to p me off. I have a 15K in the morning, Too Hot to Handle, here in Dallas. I’m going for a PR and since I’ve never ran a 15K, I’m pretty sure I will def PR.

On a completely different note, do you have something you are really good at? I can’t think of anything I really excel in. I run, but I’m not freakin’ awesome or anything. I take walk breaks when I need to, I’ll stop at a porta potty during a race when needed, and I’ll probably never run an average mile faster than 10 or so minutes. That being said, I want to be a “whisperer.” Someone who is really, really good at something. Like training dogs.

We all know the Dog Whisperer.

The Horse Whisperer

The Ghost Whisperer

The Wood Whisperer

The Chicken Whisperer

Seriously. Read here

I want to be a whisperer dangit. I’m good at drinking, but “The Vodka Whisperer” just doesn’t have the same ring to it that “The Chicken Whisperer” has. I’m not even good at actually whispering. Nathan tells me I’m being too loud when I’m trying to be quiet. It’s like I’m constantly drunk whispering. You know the drunk whisper. You think you’re being quiet, but it’s more like a loud yelling-whisper… Ya, that one. That’s me. All the time. I can’t even be a “Whisper Whisperer.” So annoying.

10 Things I’m good at, but not worthy of being a whisperer:

  1. Sleeping
  2. Painting my toenails
  3. Applying make-up (to myself. No one else – so I can’t be a whisperer)
  4. Driving the speed limit
  5. I’m good at not disciplining dogs (even if I was good at it, the Dog Whisperer title is already spoken for)
  6. Not folding laundry
  7. Not ironing
  8. Shelf Organizing
  9. Recruiting
  10. Making Coffee

What are you good at? Could you be a whisperer?

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  1. Russell permalink
    07/08/2011 11:26 pm

    Witty blog writer whisperer??

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