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Running is for the birds


Remember how I’m competing in a half ironman? As you know triathlons consist of 3 segments:

Swim like a frog like Michael Phelps like a frog.

Run like Phoebe like a bad a$$ like Phoebe.

Bike on a bike with training wheels like Lance Armstrong when he had 2 balls (yea I said it).

Anyway… So last weekend at training we had to run for 30 minutes and bike for an hour and a half. In that last hour and a half I rode the biek 18 miles. Um, do you know how long it takes me to run 18 miles? A long freaking time.

We also went to a White Elephant Christmas Party at BIL and SIL’s house last weekend. As our gift we took a box of Franzia and a set of 4 wine glasses. We left with pickled pigs feet and a $15 Top Golf gift card. Nathan was in heaven because he LOVES chowing down on pigs feet. Especially when they’re pickled. He puts a splash of Tabasco on the pig foot, and starts nawing (knawing?) on it like he’s a teething toddler.

That’s a lie. He hates all things pickled. He’s un-american and is lucky I married him. My love for the food group “items that are pickled” runs deep. real deep.

Have you gone to any fun (or terrible) Christmas parties?


On my way home from work today Nathan says:

Why don’t you stop at the liquor store to get champagne for Christmas Day Mimosa’s?

I see a new tradition in our future. Christmas + Drinking = Like every day except it’s Christmas.

That’s all I got. Merry Christmas!!

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