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Marriage Problems


A long time ago I thought Nathan and I had some pretty serious marital problems as he would not allow me to get a teacup pig. I wasn’t sure if it was a deal breaker, so I slept on it and decided that we probably wouldn’t get divorced over a pig.

Enter, the answer(s) to any marital problem.

  • Husband registers you both for a marathon for Christmas in a foreign country.
  • Husband registers for a 5K with you
  • Husband wants to run a half marathon in April/May
  • Husband cooks dinner
  • Husband is doing laundry

With that list growing, I’m going to have to step up my game to stay on the “wife I want to keep around” list. The tshirt I got him for Christmas is probably starting to lose its appeal.

Since the blog is called Run Your Ash Off, I should probably mention something about that. Tomorrow starts real-life “build a base” training (tomorrow because right now I’m drinking wine out of a mason jar). And I guess if I’m going to run a half in May, I should start getting serious. The last half marathon “training” I did consisted of a few 2 to 3 mile runs and a 5 mile long run. Olympian in training.


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